Philips PicoPix Max Projector Review

Philips PicoPix Max Projector Review

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If you are looking to buy a palm-size projector, please read Philips PicoPix Max Projector Review. You may not have seen many projectors from the Philips brand, so it is an opportunity to get a new taste.

On an honest note, this projector has received mixed reviews: some users said that it was a good projector, while some said it was not a good projector. Some users complained about the customer service too. So, please keep reading the review to know its pros and cons.

I see the projector is very good for the connectivity related things as it has both wired and wireless connection options. It has HDMI, USB, WiFi and Bluetooth connection options.

This projector is advertised as a ‘plug n play’ projector because it is a battery operated projector. Also, it is a smart projector that has Android 9 platform with preloaded apps. Further, it has dual-band wifi connection (2.4Ghz and 5Ghz), and Bluetooth option. Therefore, it is a great ‘Connect and Play’ projector in my view. Further, users are able to install their favorite apps.

A little about the built in battery! The manufacturer says that the built-in battery lasts for more than 3 hours, so as per the manufacturer, it is great for the outdoor projection and projection during the travel. Therefore, it is a great projector for indoor and outdoor use. However, some users reported that the battery didn’t last for a long time; it lasted for less than 2 hours. So, please keep this thing in mind.

One thing I will like to mention here that it has a USB-C port, which is great for connecting Apple devices. The USB-C port can also be used for charging devices as well. Read more…

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