JKJOO Projector Screen Review – Front & Rear Projection Compatibility

JKJOO is one of the projector screen manufacturers for producing good quality projector screens. If you are trying to find a good-quality projector screen then the JKJOO projector screen can be an alternative too.

Before writing this review, I read various users’ reviews. I found that most of the users were happy with this 120-inch projector screen. Please keep reading JKJOO Projector Screen Review to know about this product.

As per the product description, the JKJOO projector screen has many good things over other similar projector screens on the market. Please let me give you an overview on the key features.

The 120 inches screen has a unique design with reflective coatings. It is made of natural milk silk materials. As per the manufacturer’s claim it is a lightweight screen, which is very soft too.

More importantly, the JKJOO screen is very easy to fold for the storage purposes. It is a wrinkle-proof screen, which is also confirmed by many users.

Amazingly, the screen comes with all the required accessories for an easy installation. For the installation, you get various installation helpers like nails, brackets, ropes, hooks and a tape.

JKJOO Projector Screen Review – Front & Rear Projection Compatibility

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JKJOO Portable Projector Screen Supports Front & Rear Projection

If you are looking to buy a lightweight projector screen, the JKJOO 120 inches projector screen can be the best one because it is soft and lightweight.

For the storage purpose, you can easily fold it into a small size, and go with it anywhere you want to go.

The foldable projector screen is made of smooth materials with much elasticity, so it becomes a wrinkle preventer too. You will not see a crease and other similar things when it is folded.

If you are looking to buy a projector screen that supports both rear and front projection, this screen has the capability of front and rear projection. On the both sides, you will see a clear picture.

Good for both machine and hand washes – if stains are seen on the projector screen, you can give it a hand wash or machine wash as well. The projector screen has enough strength to withstand the washing pressure.

Key Features & Specs – JKJOO Projector Screen Review

Product name JKJOO 120 Inches Projector Screen
Product dimensions 58-inch wide, 104-inch high
Display size 120 inches
Wrinkle-free Yes
Main material Natural milk silk
Foldable Yes
Installation holes 18 metal holes at the edges
Installation accessories 2 x ropes, 18 x hooks, 20 x self adhesive strips
Image aspect ratio 16:9
Washing methods Hand wash or machine wash
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Key features of JKJOO 120 Inches Movie Screen are written in the table above. The spec table has important details about the product, so it is highly recommended to read the table to get acquainted with the product. The projector screen comes with all the installation helps, it is very easy to wash by hand or machine.

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FAQs – JKJOO Projector Screen Review

Is it a wrinkle-free projector screen?

Yes, JKJOO Projector Screen is a wrinkle-free screen. It is very smooth with no creases.

Does it get dirty easily?

Please know that the projector is made of natural milk silk, so it is not easy to stain. At least, it will not stain in a normal use.

How can I clean it easily and quickly?

With the help of neutral detergent, you can easily clean it. After you finish cleaning it, please gently wipe off with a cleaning cloth.

Is it a good projector screen for travelers? Is it lightweight or not?

Yes, it is a good projector screen for travelers because it is a lightweight projector screen that weighs 2.1 pounds as per the product description.

Key questions are answered in the FAQs section, which is an important part of JKJOO Projector Screen Review. If you are a new customer or an existing user of this product, please read the questions and answers. I am sure these FAQs will be very helpful. >>> Check Price <<<


  • Easy to install
  • A great quality product
  • Affordable and well constructed
  • A long lasting projector screen
  • As per many users, it is a great value for the money.
  • Made of soft and elastic materials
  • Easy to manage the tightness
  • Wrinkle-free, lightweight and stretchy
  • Good for outdoor uses and travelers


  • As per a user’s comment, he experienced poor image quality.
  • JKJOO may not be a popular brand name.

Key pros and cons on JKJOO Projector Screen written above. As per the pros, it is a good quality projector screen, which is affordable too. Many users said that it is a durable product, which will last for many years. The projector screen is very easy to install and manage. It is a lightweight projector screen, so it is good for travelers too. >>> Check Availability <<<

Conclusion – JKJOO Projector Screen Review

In short, JKJOO Projector Screen Review is based on users’ comments collected from various internet websites such as forums, blogs and shopping platforms. The projector looks very impressive from many sides such as price, installation ease, material, weight, durability and quality. Therefore, it is highly recommended to buy from my side. I am recommending this product because many users have mentioned that it is a good value for the money.

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