Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review – 3LCD, 3400 Lumens Projector

On this page, you will read Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review. The review has many parts such as features, pros & cons, conclusion and many others. I advise you to read the pros & cons carefully to understand this projector deeply.

As per the product description, the projector has many good features including 1080p resolution, 3400 lumens brightness, built-in speaker, 16,000:1 contrast ratio and various input connection ports. Please know that this projector is also known as HC1080. Well, HC1080 is the model name, and the brand name is Epson. I think no need to tell you about the brand.

Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review - 3LCD, 3400 Lumens Projector

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The Display Capabilities

3400 Lumens Brightness – high brightness in a projector plays an important role to deliver the best quality pictures in any lighting circumstances. From this 3400 lumens projector, you can expect bright images without any doubts because the 3400 lumens brightness is huge. You will be able to enjoy watching movies and playing games in different lighting conditions. In fact, the product description says that the 3400 lumens color and white brightness deliver the best quality images.

1080P Image – from this projector, you receive impressive picture quality (stunning details) and a fast processing speed. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy fast-action sports, gaming and movies.

3LCD technology – as per Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review, it is based on a 3LCD display technology to give you an amazing RGB color outcome. Therefore, you get good color accuracy and color brightness. Please know that most projectors have rainbow effects and other types of display problems. You will not find such issues in this Epson projector.

Key Features & Specifications – Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review

Product name Epson Home Cinema 1080
Display resolution 1080P
Brightness 3400 lumens
Contrast ratio 16,000:1
Built-in speaker YES
Connection ports Dual-HDMI, dual-USB, VGA and Audio-out
Display technology 3LCD
Max display size Up to 320 inches
Warranty 2-year limited warranty
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In Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review, some of the key features and specifications are mentioned. You can see this projector has 3400 lumens brightness, 1080p display resolution and 3LCD display technology. Therefore, with these display technologies, you will be able to view clear picture without any doubts.

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Multiple Connection Options and Easy Setup

In this projector, you will find various connection ports like dual-HDMI, dual-USB, VGA and Audio Out ports. With the help of these widely used connection ports, you will not have a problem for the device connection. You will be able to connect devices such as Blu-ray, gaming machines, computers, laptops, TV boxes and streaming devices.

Most importantly, Epson Home Cinema 1080 is very easy to setup because it comes with an integrated speaker and advanced configurations for the easy setup.

16,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio and Built-in Picture Skew Sensor

The 16,000:1 contrast ratio looks very impressive to me. Of course, users will be able to enjoy impressive and detailed picture in the dark scenes.

On the other hand, the built-in picture skew sensor is a smart feature. It is very helpful to analyze the picture and to correct the keystone for a four-sided image.

Warranty & Customer Support – on this projector, you get 2-yer limited product protection. This protection plan is related to full unit replacement as written in the product description. However, the word “limited” is also written so it is not clear, what type of limitation does the warranty period has. And, you get free technical support on phone for the life of the product. >>> View on Amazon <<<


  • Good brightness
  • Users are able to get 120-inch screen from a 10 feet distance.
  • Legit picture quality
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to change the screen size

Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review has pros and cons, which are mentioned above. I will like to tell that this projector comes with many disadvantages that need to be analyzed before the purchase. It has limited sound from the built-in speaker, it is a little difficult to setup. Some users faced issues related to the Miracast and iProjection app.

FAQs – Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review

What are the main difference between this 1080P projector and the 880 projector?

Epson Home Cinema 1080 comes with many improvements that you may not find in the old 880 model. The 880 projector has fixed lens, while this one has moving lens. Therefore, with this projector, it is very easy to change the picture size without moving the projector physically. More importantly, 1080 has brightness more than that of the 880 model. Epson Home Cinema 1080 has dual-HDMI port, while the 880 has single HDMI port.

Can you please recommend a supported external speaker for this projector?

You can buy Z906 5.1 speakers because they are sold at low prices and they deliver good audio performance. Also, try to use a 3.5mm cable with two (left and right) phono cables at the end. After that, you will be able to connect to any external speakers with the phono inputs. You can also take help of an HDMI splitter that separates the audio from the signal.

Or, you can use a Firestick and connect to a Bluetooth speaker or various stereo speakers as well.

Can it play a 3D movie as well?

Yes, you need to buy 3D glasses to enjoy the 3D content. As a suggestion, you can check G5 quantum 3D glasses as well. They deliver good performance.

If I connect it to a computer via an HDMI cord, would the sound come from the projector or the computer?

Please know that the projector has limited sound. Therefore, you need to configure it so that your computer can recognize each device connected to it. For the configuration, please go to Settings – Sound – Output. In short, either way works as it is determined by the audio settings on your computer.

Some of the important questions are answered above. These questions and answers are a part of Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review. In the FAQs, you will find answers to questions related to audio capability, 3D feature, audio configuration on computer, and comparison of this projector with the old 880 model. >>> Check Price <<<

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Conclusion – Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review

At the end of Epson Home Cinema 1080 Review, I will say that the projector has both pros and cons. It has cons more than the pros, so you are advised to look into this matter carefully. Only buy this projector, if all the things look good to you. On the positive side, the projector has good picture quality, good brightness and it is very easy to use. On the down side, it has cons related to the fan noise, limited audio from the built in speaker. Please know that, iProjection and Miracast features are not very helpful.

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