ViewSonic PX701HD Review, Pros & Cons

As per the ViewSonic PX701HD Review, this is an older model. I think it is a 2019 model projector but it has almost all the functions that you can use for the seamless operation. Well, this unit is produced by Viewsonic so you should not have a doubt on its quality and performance. You can check the positive reviews on Amazon. The Viewsonic 1080p projector has earned good reputations on various selling platforms.

ViewSonic PX701HD Review, Pros & Cons
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Up to 300 Inches Screen Size

You can enjoy a large-screen movie and games because it gives you a large screen of up to 300 inches. Along with the big screen, PX701HD delivers full HD pictures in 1920 x 1080p resolution. Therefore, you will be able to receive cinematic experience on a supersized screen.

Well, Viewsonic says that you save money by purchasing this 300-inch screen projector because it costs less than owning a TV for a large screen entertainment experience. According to the Viewsonic PX701 review, it produces the picture sizing from 30-inch to 300-inch. On the large screen, viewers will be able to enjoy the best quality image.

The Color Technology

According to a Viewsonic’s claim, the users are going to enjoy cinematic colors because it is based on a SuperColor technology. This high-class color technology has an impressive color gamut, which is very useful for lovely picture production in most of the settings.

As we are discussing the color capability of this HD projector, please let me tell you that the unit has adjustable color profiles. The users are able to save a particular color setting as per their preference. Moreover, it has certain modes such as Brightest Movie, Standard, Sports and Gaming. These different projection modes are also very helpful as a customizable tool as they may be related to users’ preference. >>> Check price on Amazon <<<

Key Features & Specs – ViewSonic PX701HD Review

Product name Viewsonic PX701HD
Brand name Viewsonic
Model number PX701HD
Hardware interface VGA, UHB, HDMI
Screen size 30-inch to 300-inch
Brightness 3500 ANSI lumens
Display resolution 1080p
Color technology SuperColor
Input lag 16 milliseconds
Setup features 1.1x optical zoom and vertical lens shift
Lamp life 20,000 hours
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The key specifications and features are mentioned above. Please read the list of features and specifications to understand the Viewsonic PX701HD projector deeply. It comes with impressive brightness of 3500 lumens ANSI, SuperColor technology and low input lag of just 16 milliseconds.

Reduced Input Lag

According to ViewSonic PX701HD Review, this unit is perfect for gamers because it has just 16 milliseconds input lag. Therefore, it is perfect for the fast-action games. Of course, users will be able to receive smooth images at the reasonable speed as it may not have the delay. Many users say that it has an impressive image movement capability, which is perfect for those who what to play games on a large screen. For gamers, it comes with a dedicated gaming mode that has increased refresh rate for the best gaming performance.

Impressive Bulb Life

A bulb in a projector is a very important component. Therefore, it should be good, qualitative and with a long life. According to the Viewsonic projector manufacturer, the projector bulb will last for more than 10 years if you watch for 5 hours daily. The projector bulb has a long life because the projector features a SuperEco mode, that is very helpful to increase the lamp life and it allows the lamp to throw an impressive brightness. Please know that the lifespan of the bulb is affected by many factors. Therefore, you should keep the projector safe and operate it safely to give the lamp a long life.

Hassle-free Setup

For the setup related stuffs, you don’t have to do something extra because the vertical lamp shift projector is very easy to setup. In case, you need the upward or downward adjustment, the projector has features such as 1.1x optical zoom and vertical lens shift that can be perfect for the hassle-free setup. For an easy picture adjustment, you can also take help of the remote control. The remote control will help you to adjust the projector very quickly and easily. >>> View on Amazon <<<

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  • It works even in a daylight environment.
  • Many users say that it is bright, clear and quiet.
  • It has ZOOM function and vertical lens-shift option for the great picture flexibility.
  • Viewsonic is a trusted brand name for countless electronics.
  • The setup is very easy.
  • You can hookup your surround sound with an audio extractor.
  • You can connect this projector to a Bluetooth amp using the 3.5mm audio output.
  • For the ceiling mount, it has a good mounting pattern.
  • From this projector, you receive crisp and vibrant images.


  • Comes with a 10W speaker which is not very good.
  • Though you can watch in a daylight environment, but a little darkness will produced an improved quality picture.

According to the pros, cons and ViewSonic PX701HD Review, it has many pros such as projection in a daylight environment, clear picture, quiet operation, zoom & vertical lens shift option and it is very easy to use and setup. On the downside, the audio of this projector is not very good. However, you can easily connect an external speaker for the best audio according to your preference.

Multiple Applications

When it comes to the multi-functionality or versatility, the ViewSonic PX701HD projector can be the best unit. It provides the good flexibility to connect a wide range of entertainment electronics. You can seamlessly connect it with Roku, ChromeCast, TV stick and many other devices. Therefore, such versatile projectors are good for entertainment, teaching, businesses and many other purposes.

Max image size – the Viewsonic projector supports a screen size range from 30-inch to 300-inch. In this screen size range, it is capable to display the best quality HD picture.

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Max projection distance – to display a clear FHD picture, the recommended projection distance is 35.9 feet.

Lamp life – the projector has a long lamp life of up 20,000 hours, thanks to its SuperEco+ technology that is helpful to increase the lamp life up to 20,000 hours.

Ceiling mounting – this unit is ceiling mountable, plus it is perfect for rear as well as front projection.

USB power output – the built-in USB port can be used for both supplying power and content to the connected devices. Therefore, you will not need a separate power adapter for the streaming multimedia content.

Conclusion – ViewSonic PX701HD Review

At the end, I will say that it is one of the impressive projectors that is versatile enough. Specifically, PX701HD is very good for the gaming related requirement. One more good thing is the impressive brightness of 3500 ANSI lumens. Most importantly, the projector is highly rated on many shopping websites. Therefore, it is recommended from my side. I hope the ViewSonic PX701HD review was helpful to you. >>> Read more… <<<

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