NIERBO 200 Inch Projector Screen Review

NIERBO 200 Inch Projector Screen Review

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It gives you a 200-inch display size, which is huge. Please read the Nierbo 200-inch projector screen review to know the advantages and disadvantages of this product.


As per a user, it is a good quality screen. He used a cloth steamer to get rid of wrinkles. He said that it delivered amazing picture quality even in a bright environment. Of course, the picture performance improves when it is dark. He said that this projector screen can be used for multiple purposes for the indoor and outdoor projections.


This user purchased a 150-inch Nierbo projector screen, he said that it was very nice. Actually, he loves watching movies together as a family, and he has been using a projector for years. Previously, he was projecting on a plain wall in his basement. The wall was coated with some paint.

Now he moved his setup to a living room and thought that a good projector screen could be a nice idea. He purchased a Nierbo 150-inch projector screen, and he was impressive with the picture. However, the screen had some creases at the starting because the screen came out from the packaging, it was folded, so for this reason he saw some creases.

He somewhere read that the creases would go away if the screen is put in a dryer with a wet cloth, he did that for approx 15 minutes. After this the creases went away. Next, he stretched the screen on a PVC frame, and used bungee cords to attach it. He said that the screen had some wrinkles but it is due to the uneven tension. However, the wrinkles have gone after few minutes.

Further, he experimented by adjusting the focus to get rid of the wrinkles. Now he didn’t see any wrinkles. He was happy with his setup because it worked well. Read more…

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